Dear Germany, your racism is showing

This is not supposed to be a scientific or a journalistic article. I just need to talk about it. If you're thinking "not another article about this topic" or if you feel fed up always hearing about this topic as you feel like it does not concern you, congratulations, you're privileged enough that you can dismiss these topics as mere nuisances in your daily life. You're so privileged that you can choose whether or not you want to deal with topic. A choice BiPoC don’t have.

WeiterlesenDear Germany, your racism is showing

The redundancy of art

"Living in a purely functional world would lack meaning for us as human beings. We need to express ourselves through art and we need to surround ourselves with the expressions of others." - Lesli Walsh People want to consume art, whether it be movies, paintings, photographs, games, music or other things. Instagram is full of art, free to look at, free to watch, free to listen to, free to share and for everyone that is a matter of course.

WeiterlesenThe redundancy of art