Dear Germany, your racism is showing

This is not supposed to be a scientific or a journalistic article. I just need to talk about it. If you're thinking "not another article about this topic" or if you feel fed up always hearing about this topic as you feel like it does not concern you, congratulations, you're privileged enough that you can dismiss these topics as mere nuisances in your daily life. You're so privileged that you can choose whether or not you want to deal with topic. A choice BiPoC don’t have.

WeiterlesenDear Germany, your racism is showing

Applying for a TFP- photoshoot – Dos and Don’ts (A guide)

I have made several Instagram story posts concerning this topic already. Recently, the inquiries regarding collaborations/TFP-photoshoots have been increasing which is why I feel the need to write a more detailed guide about this topic. I appreciate the people who inform themselves, before asking questions that could have been answered with some research. It’s similar to when you apply for a job at a company. You would look up some information about the people you want to work with before applying for a job, wouldn’t you?

WeiterlesenApplying for a TFP- photoshoot – Dos and Don’ts (A guide)


There are just a few days left before this year's Japantag, so after procrastinating on it for months, I  thought it would be a good time to finally write a blog post about last year's event. Just before New Year 2018 I made a resolution to finally cosplay Kaonashi or No Face, one of my favorite characters from the movie Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.