Life Experience 3

My Personality And My Attitude - A Misconception

This is going to be a longer series. I will divide it into several parts, otherwise it will get too long. However, I don’t know how many parts there will be yet. It will be finished, when I feel like I have written down everything. In this series, I want to talk a little bit more about myself, my personality and my behavior towards other people. …

Now going back to the time in primary school, I want to tell you some stories. During the first or second year of my primary school I was sitting next to a girl I thought I could be friends with, since we went to the same kindergarten. It was one-sided. Well, making friends is not easy as I thought it to be. I wished that I could have a friend …

People expect you to behave and dress a certain way so that they can identify you as male or female. They can’t deal with things they don’t know, things they don’t understand. They want to push their expectations and world view on you. If you don’t fit into that world view, it’s always you who isn’t normal and who has to be fixed.

The people who are talking the loudest and who are talking the most are not always the ones worth listening to

One summervacation I got a job in the company where my father works. When my former boss contacted me to ask me whether I could work for him again, I told him that I found another job. He asked me how much that job payed and I told him a number that wasn’t even true, yet a little bit higher than the wage he paid me. He told me that he would raise the wage…

I have always felt like an outsider inside the Vietnamese community in Germany, or at least in Freiburg, where I have been living until I enrolled in university. While it seems that the majority of Vietnamese people own a restaurant or some kind of shop, my parents are workers in a German company and a hospital. Vietnamese families who own a shop 

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