Studying in Japan

This might be a little bit unexpected for some, but as the title says already, I am going to live in Japan for one year starting this Sunday. I didn’t want to announce it before I was 100% sure that I was going. I wanted to announce it officially after I arrived in Tokyo, but I am unsure about whether I will have reliable Internet access that soon and since I still have a little bit of time, I decided to write about it while I am still in Germany. So what am I going to do there? 

It has gotten a little quieter around here since I went to Japan. In the beginning I thought that I would post more frequently once I am in Japan, but of course university happened and above all of that I found a new hobby.
It still has something to do with blogging, but in the form of videos. Since my friends want to stay updated about my life here and about all the things I experience, I told them that I would try filming it.  Back then I was not sure  …

To be honest, I hesitated to upload this post. I had to leave it for a while, but in the end I decided to upload it, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read it right at this moment.
So it turned out that I in fact did not post as much as I said I wanted to. However, now that the first semester is over, I feel like writing about my thoughts again, since I do not really talk about those in my videos. I experienced a lot during the past few months …

In this segment I will open up about my struggles during my year abroad. I always see the bright sides of people studying abroad, but it seems that not many talk about the other sides, when you’re feeling lonely, when you have doubts, when you don’t even have the energy to go explore the country you always wanted to go to. Of course I have happy memories and good experiences,  but it is easy to talk about those. What I find difficult is talking about the times when it’s not …

University has started once again with the cherry blossom season. You would think that this is the time to go out with friends, to admire the cherry blossoms and to enjoy the warm spring breeze under the bright sunshine. However, leaving aside the fact that it was quite windy and that it has been raining more than I would have liked since the flowers started to bloom, that is not how the students of the Japanese language program at Keio University spend their time at all. 

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